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: Becoming your Intended Self
need to grow on our journey to find and claim our place in the puzzle.

You found this site because, on some level, you are hoping to find and claim your piece of the puzzle. You are dreaming of becoming your intended self.

Peace in the Puzzle: Becoming Your Intended Self provides tools that will help you become the person you were intended to be all along. This Website has some of these tools under the Affirmations and Voices of Wisdom tabs. Utilize the Affirmations as you visusalize your role in the universe. Read the Voices of Wisdom, consider what they mean for you and then add your own voice as you provide advice to your younger self.

Consider the possibility of personal transformation. This book is my invitation to you to become your intended self and find your peace in the puzzle. 

Susan Myhre Hayes
S.M.H. 1949 ♀
Each of us is part of something larger, something like a jigsaw puzzle. Each of us has a unique piece in this puzzle.

And just as each of us longs to find our unique piece, the universe longs for each piece to be in place. For this reason, the cooperative universe provides each of us with exactly what we 
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