Peace in the Puzzle
                                     Becoming your Intended Self
Susan Myhre Hayes
Peace in the Puzzle is at once a revealing life history and a revelation on universal themes to which we can all relate. The author is the wise friend who, over coffee, tells you about her quest to find meaning in the ups and downs of life and encourages you to do the same. Interesting exercises are your side of the "conversation," but you are assured of some good take - aways whether or not you do them. A series of engaging stories illustrate her points, and she liberally quotes the wisdom of others. All of these things make Peace in the Puzzle a very satisfying read!
Julie Stroud

What's so helpful about this book is that you can pick a page - any page - and find useful, easily applicable tips and support. The author has done a fine job of sharing her personal strategies for finding her "peace in the puzzle," and shares strategies and advice from dozens of others.

A truly useful and engaging book that you will turn to again and again. 

Monica Schultz
Health Services Researcher
This is a wonderful book for seekers of any age or background. 
Amazon Review

Susan weaves a lovely story of hope based on her life experience. She invites you to be a part of the creative process that manifests in your life. She writes simply yet beautifully. I recommend this book for those who want to be taken on a journey with Susan as the tour guy. Enjoy! 

Amazon Review
Susan received the highest rating of all our presenters.  Funny, inspirational and real. 

Medtronic Women’s Council Committee